Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors Reviews – [Top 6 Picks]

PC gamers are used to upgrading their machine components every now and then to keep up with the new advances in graphics and processing technology. Gaming monitors are a whole different story. If you make the right investment, you can future-proof your monitor for years to come.

Competitive gamers are always aiming at getting the best performance and minimize input lag to gain an edge over their opponents. The selling point of 240Hz monitors is delivering just on that premise and providing you with the smoothest gameplay experience.

In this guide, we put together a list of the best 240Hz gaming monitors you can get. You will find an entry that best suits your gaming setup and budget. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

6 Top 240Hz Gaming Monitors: (Comparison Chart)

Most Premium
Alienware AW2518HF
Alienware AW2518HF
  • Size: 25 inches
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel: TN
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Sync: FreeSync 
Best Overall
BenQ Zowie XL2740
BenQ Zowie XL2740
  • Size: 27 inches
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel: TN
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Sync: FreeSync and G-Sync
Budget Pick
Acer XF250Q
Acer XF250Q
  • Size: 25 inches
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel: TN
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Sync: FreeSync and G-Sync
  • Size: 27 inches
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel: TN
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Sync: FreeSync 
  • Size: 25 inches
  • Response Time: 2ms
  • Panel: IPS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Sync: G-Sync
  • Size: 27 inches
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel: VA
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Sync: FreeSync 

Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors Reviews

1#. BenQ Zowie XL2740 – Best Overall

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This is the current price of these BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 27 inch 240Hz Gaming Monitors available at Amazon .

BenQ managed to deliver all the basics that define a great gaming monitor while adding their own twist on it to provide you with a unique gaming experience. 

The removable side shields are probably the first thing to grab your attention when you first see the monitor. They are designed to keep you immersed in your games and block any outside distractions.

Monitors are usually guilty of giving you clunky, hard-to-use buttons to control their settings’ menus. Fortunately, this is not the case here as Zowie XL2740 comes with a unique S-Switch that makes navigating through the monitor’s settings a breeze. 

You can also save different profiles for different types of games, and the S-Switch allows you to swap between them with just a click of a button.

When it comes to performance, the monitor meets and exceeds the expectations dictated by its gamer-oriented bold design. The display features a lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate while keeping the response time at just 1ms, allowing you to have the smoothest experience with virtually no lag giving you an advantage in competitive games.

BenQ made sure that your games look as great as they run. The monitor uses a color-vibrant, full HD panel and gives you a wide range of controls to tweak its color settings and adjust the black equalizer. It can also achieve a contrast of 1000:1, allowing you to spot enemies even in the game’s darkest environments.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor has a versatile set of input ports, which comes in handy, especially if you want to have a multi-screen setup. BenQ Zowie XL2740 features a DisplayPort, a Dual-link DVI-D, and an HDMI port.

It also comes with a headphone jack where you can directly plug in your favorite set of headphones without stumbling around the back of your PC to find the right port.

The icing on top of the cake comes in the form of a fully adjustable stand that lets you control height, tilt, and swivel to experience your games your way.


  • A large, vibrant, 27-inch display
  • S-Switch for accessible monitor controls
  • Collapsible side shields
  • Comes with a 3-years limited warranty


  • Expensive
  • Viewing angles can be limited
  • Doesn’t come with an HDMI cable out of the box

Bottom Line

BenQ Zowie XL2740 delivers a smooth experience for pro gamers with its impressive responsiveness and no input lag. Moreover, it comes with an intuitive built-in switch to personalize and customize the vibrant display’s settings and have the ability to save different profiles to seamlessly switch between them. 

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2#. Acer XF250Q – Budget Pick

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This is the current price of these Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD Gaming Monitors available at Amazon .

Who said you can’t enjoy 240Hz gaming without hurting your wallet? Acer knows when to compromise and when to deliver with its XF250Q monitor to provide you with a smooth, responsive gaming experience at an entry price, which can be half of what other monitors on the list ask for.

Let’s get the shortcomings out of the way first. You will not be blown away by the image quality here with the monitor’s disappointing contrast ratio, limited viewing anglers, and subpar black uniformity. However, it still delivers decent anti-glare that can handle itself well in moderately-lit rooms.

At maximum frame rate, the monitor handles fast-moving objects on the screen exceptionally well. We can’t say the same when the monitor is running at 60Hz. You will notice some artifacts at low frame rates. If you will be gaming at 240Hz most of the time, which is the whole selling point of this guide, you should be fine and won’t have any issues.

With the compromises out of the way, there is much to love about this monitor. Similar budget monitors choose not to implement a sync technology. Luckily, Acer didn’t go that route and delivered a budget entry that is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync.

The sync technology kicks in to eliminate screen-tearing and optimize the display to smoothly handle variable refresh rates. Acer also implemented its VisionCare technology into the display, allowing you to have extended gaming sessions without eye strains. The display’s blue light filter, low-dimming feature, and Flicker-less view all share to deliver the utmost comfort.

Acer ErgoStand is capable of up to 90 degrees pivot, in addition to the standard adjustability you’d expect, to give you an extra layer of comfort. 

It also supports the standard VESA mounts, allowing you to use wall mounts you already have without having to commit to any proprietary purchases. This enables you to save space, especially if you have only a tight area to work with.


  • An affordable 240Hz display with 1ms response time
  • Compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync technologies
  • Acer’s VisionCare technology


  • Suboptimal image quality
  • The contrast ratio is not the best

Bottom Line

Acer delivered a budget package that doesn’t compromise in terms of performance. If you can put up with the suboptimal image quality, you’re getting an excellent solution to enjoy 240Hz gaming at half the price of other monitors on the market.

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3#. Alienware AW2518HF – Most Premium

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This is the current price of these Alienware 25 Gaming Monitors available at Amazon .

Alienware is well known for its premium gaming products with its signature spaceship aesthetic that makes them stand out from the rest. Their AW2518HF gaming monitor is among the best in class, that’s why it’s widely adopted by pro gamers and streamers like Ninja.

Alienware delivers a 25 inches IPS panel with a wide range of viewing angles that keep glare to a minimum even in the brightest environments. The monitor implements a 240Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time similar to what you find in BenQ Zowie XL2740. So, you can expect the same smooth experience with no ghosting.

Moreover, Alienware worked with AMD to have a FreeSync ready monitor that ensures your display is always in sync with your machine’s graphics card, in order to eliminate image tears and dropped frames. This way, you always have a smooth, artifact-free performance no matter at which frame rate your game is running.

The monitor comes with a gaming-themed on-screen display (OSD) to make sure you’re not taken out of the experience even when you’re navigating through the monitor’s menus. This shows you the attention to detail put in each nook and cranny to appeal to gamers.

It also has some additional built-in features like an FPS counter that gives you real-time updates on your current frame rate, in addition to an on-screen timer to keep your gaming hours in check. 

When it comes to design, the monitor screams futuristic with its customizable backlighting effects, to its sturdy, industrial-style stand. The stand offers the same adjustability you’d expect, allowing you to tweak height, tilt, swivel, and even pivot. 

You’d be pleased to know that the stand has a concealed cables management solution, so you can have a clean gaming setup without any wires cluttering around.

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  • Iconic design with a premium build quality
  • Supports display alignment for multi-screen setup
  • Concealed cable management


  • Hefty price tag

Bottom Line

If money is not an issue, and you have a high-end gaming setup that can make use of the lightning-fast refresh rate, you’d be happy with what Alienware AW2518HF offers. The monitor’s iconic design stands out, delivering a unique gaming gadget to display on your desk.

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4#. HP OMEN X 27 – Best 1440p Entry

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This is the current price of these Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitors available at Amazon .

So far, we have only tackled 1080p displays. HP Omen X 27 allows you to bump the resolution all the way to 1440p with its gorgeous 27 inches panel.

As with most TN panels, the response time is impressive, which serves to significantly reduce any input lags for your button prompts to immediately translate into action on the screen. The higher resolution gives you a crisp, more detailed image, and you can appreciate even the smallest details and textures in your game’s world, which adds to the immersion.

However, the drawbacks to TN panels have a presence here in terms of viewing angles where the image loses its quality when you look at the screen from the side. The contrast ratio is not as impressive as well, which might not be the best option for playing in a dark room.

Nevertheless, the monitor retains its image crispness while running at a high refresh rate of 240Hz. This will transform your gaming experience, especially if you usually game on your desk up close and personal to your screen, where you can appreciate the 3.7 million pixels.

The monitor supports HDR, which is a welcome addition. You should keep your expectations in check, though, as this is not the best HDR implementation we have seen since the brightness doesn’t get high enough to make the highlights pop in HDR. We can’t complain, though, as any additional feature adds extra value to the purchase. 

The monitor’s peak brightness sits at 400 nits, which does an exceptional job with your games’ lighting and environmental effects when played in SDR. The monitor also handles glares pretty well, making it the perfect choice for gaming in a brightly lit room.


  • 3.7 million pixels panel with excellent image quality and crispness
  • FreeSync-ready
  • HDR implementation


  • Limited viewing angles
  • Subpar contrast ratio

Bottom Line

HP Omen X 27 is the perfect gaming solution for all the sharp-eyed gamers out there who want the most pixel density. The monitor is excellent for shooters and competitive games, allowing you to spot enemies far ahead, and respond with virtually no lag thanks to the 240Hz panel with 1ms response time. The icing on top is HDR compatibility, which serves to display your games in more vibrant colors.

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5#. ASUS VG259QM – Best Color Accuracy

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This is the current price of these ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM 24.5” Monitors available at Amazon .

Asus pulled an impressive feat here with its VG259QM gaming monitor. It’s a departure from the majority of gaming monitors on the market with its IPS panel and overclocked refresh rate.

Let’s start with the panel. Most gaming monitors use TN panels. Though those panels are great in achieving impressive pixel response time, they fall short in terms of color accuracy and viewing angles. On the other hand, IPS panels are the complete opposite, with longer response time sitting at 4ms for the most part.

Asus took a different approach and implemented an IPS panel in its gaming monitor, delivering unmatched color accuracy, contrast, and viewing anglers. They did their magic to tweak the panel and achieve an impressive response time of 2ms, comparable to what we see in the TN displays.

The monitor is by far one of the fastest on the market with its 240Hz display that can be overclocked to 280Hz to push your games’ smoothness to an insane new level rarely seen in mainstream consumer monitors.

The display also comes with HDR support. Like HP Omen X, Acer couldn’t deliver an impressive HDR experience due to the limited contrast and not that wide color gamut. But still, any extra feature is a nice addition.

As you’d expected, the monitor is compatible with both FreeSync and G-Sync technologies, in addition to implementing Asus’ ELMB feature. ELMB or Extreme Low Motion Blur does exactly what its name suggests. It works hand in hand with the graphic’s card sync technology to eliminate motion blur and image tears.


  • 280Hz overclocked refresh rate
  • Color accurate IPS panel with multiple viewing angles
  • Fast response time comparable to that of TN panels


  • Not that impressive HDR implementation

Bottom Line

ASUS VG259QM delivers exceptional performance in a budget-friendly monitor. The great color accuracy with just the right response time offers a compelling package for gamers.

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6#. MSI Optix MAG272CRX – Best Curved Display

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This is the current price of these MSI Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 240Hz Gaming Monitors available at Amazon .

Some gamers swear by the immersiveness of curved displays and how they make you live right in the game. MSI Optix MAG272CRX strikes a balance between delivering a gorgeous curved display while retaining the same fast performance of 240Hz panels.

The monitor uses a VA panel, which is quite rare to find in a gaming monitor. This panel technology delivers the same superb image quality of IPS while retaining the low response time of TN technology. That’s how this curved display keeps the response time as low as 1ms.

Though MSI lists the monitor as an HDR-ready display, it falls short of delivering a full HDR experience as its peak brightness is only kept at 300 nits. It still provides a wider color gamut over SDR displays, so we’re happy to take any improvement.

In addition to nailing all the basics you’d expect from a 240Hz monitor, MSI Optix MAG272CRX comes with some bells and whistles. The monitor features a “Night Vision” mode that allows you to spot enemies in dark environments and take them out before they even notice.

In terms of connectivity, the display uses USB-C to easily plug it to your PC or use it as a second display to your gaming laptop. The implementation of AMD’s FreeSync technology adds to the monitor’s wide compatibility with the most variety of graphics cards on the market to eliminate screen tears.


  • VA panel with wide viewing angles and minimum response time
  • Curved display for more immersion


  • Poor HDR implementation 

Bottom Line

Gamers looking for a curved display will be happy with what MSI delivers with its Optix MAG272CRX gaming monitor. The VA display gets the best set of features from the other two display panel types to produce an HDR-capable screen while maintaining the smooth performance of a 240Hz refresh rate.

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How To Pick A Gaming Monitor (4 things to consider)

1. Pixel Response Time

It is a measurement of how much time it takes a single pixel to change color from one shade of grey to another, and it’s measured in milliseconds. This will help eliminate the smearing of moving objects and will significantly improve the responsiveness of your games since input lag is kept to a minimum.

For most gamers, a response time of 2ms up to 4ms is great for competitive games. Most of the entries on our list manage to get the response time as low as 1ms, which can give you an even smoother experience.

2. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate follows the same concept of pixel response time, but it is a measure of the number of new frames your monitor is capable of projecting in one second. So, it tackles how efficient the panel is at redrawing the whole screen instead of the single pixels indicated by the response time.

You should opt for a monitor with higher refresh rates to get the smoothest gameplay experience. 240Hz is among the highest refresh rates available for consumers, and it has been considered a niche market on its own for a long time.

You need to have a capable, high-end gaming PC that can make use of the lightning-fast refresh rate, and run games at their full potential.

3. Resolution

The most obvious distinction between monitors is the display’s resolution. 1080p (Full HD) has been the standard in gaming for quite a while. As you’re after a 240Hz panel, so you’re prioritizing performance here.

Games generally perform better when running at 1080p. If you bump the resolution to 1040p or even 2160p, you will start to notice that the game’s performance is taking a hit. For the most part, 1080p gaming monitors are the way to go for their cheaper price tag and overall value.

On the other hand, if you have a top-notch PC that is spec’d to the max and capable of running your games at high resolutions while retaining the same performance, you can start looking at 1440p displays.

The higher resolution brings with it a heftier price tag. However, you get extra image sharpness, giving you a competitive edge as you will be able to detect further enemies on the screen. Overall, the display will provide you with better immersion and crispness, especially if you’re sitting on your desk close to the monitor, and you’re able to appreciate the higher pixel density.

4. HDR

HDR or High Dynamic Range is becoming more and more popular. The technology enhances how the image looks by making the bright areas of the screen brighter, and the dark areas darker. The end result is a more noticeable contrast with a wider gamut of colors displayed on the screen.

Many games support HDR to create more realistic-looking game worlds and having an HDR-capable monitor can take advantage of the feature. However, most of the 240Hz monitors on our list are built to favor performance, which may come with some compromise to the visual fidelity.

HP OMEN X 27 and ASUS VG259QM have HDR functionality. Though it’s not the best implementation of the technology, it’s still ways ahead of SDR displays.

Final Words

Hardcore gamers always prioritize performance when it comes to choosing a gaming monitor. 240Hz monitors have remained a niche product for quite a long time. 

However, with the advances in the PC space, we see more high-end machines becoming mainstream. Such capable PCs can make the most of the 240Hz displays, that’s why those monitors are becoming more and more popular.

You don’t have to go bankrupt to enjoy the smoothest gaming experience, as there are many budget options on the market that give you the most bang for your buck. Most gamers will be happy with Acer XF250Q as it delivers high-end performance with few calculated compromises that won’t affect your overall experience.

You can bump the resolution all the way to 1440p with HP OMEN X 27. The display has a total of 3.7 million pixels to enhance the sharpness of your games and give you a competitive edge as you will be able to spot even the smallest details.

If you’re looking for a curved display, we recommend you go with MSI Optix MAG272CRX for its gorgeous display that immerses you in your games.

We hope you found the perfect pick that suits your play style and gaming setup. No matter what you settle for, the lightning-fast refresh rate will genuinely transform your gaming experience.

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