Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys– Buyer’s Guide

The gaming industry focuses on gamers who sit for hours playing every day, especially those who join tournaments. For avid gamers, comfort is a necessity, so getting the best gaming chair money can buy is imperative for their gaming careers. 

Gaming chairs may look similar, but they are quite different in their specs and materials. For bigger gamers a chair that is high and wide with comfortable padding and a strong frame to support their weight is highly important. 

In this list, we offer a description of the 6 best gaming chairs money can buy. From the strength of the frame and the hydraulic lift to how far back it can tilt and what’s adjustable, it’s all in here for you. 

Comparison Table

Best Overall
Homall High-Back Racing Chair
Homall High-Back Racing Chair
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
Runner Up
Ficmax High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Ficmax High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Dimensions: 33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
Premium Choice
Anda Seat Big And Tall
Anda Seat Big And Tall
  • Dimensions: 21.65 x 22.83 x 54.8 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds
Highest Max Weight Capacity
  • Dimensions: 28.4 x 25.6 x 53.5 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds
Budget Option
KILLABEE Big And Tall High-Back Massage
KILLABEE Big And Tall High-Back Massage
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 27.6 x 49.6 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds
Best Customer Service
AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair
AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 23.6 x 59.1 inches
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds

The 6 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

1. AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair – Best Overall

The last chair is in a league of its own. This is because the AKRacing Masters Series Max’s specs are through the roof, which is expected with the huge price tag of over $400..

First of all, the steel skeleton sits on a base made of 5-star aluminum, which the company says is 10 times stronger than steel. This strong base is able to carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds. 

So, with that maximum weight, can a big guy sit comfortably on that high-end chair? Well, if you’re tall, that is absolutely no problem. This chair is the highest on the list, with a height of 59.1 inches. You are sure to be comfortable in that chair if you’re taller than average. 

As for the width, it’s 23.6 inches, which is not the widest, but it should be good enough. If you need a wider chair, then you might not find complete comfort with this one. 

It might not be the widest, but it can fully recline to 180 degrees, And if that doesn’t speak comfort enough to you, consider the 55kg/M3 cold cure foam padding that is sure to last year without losing shape. This is peak comfort when it comes to gaming chairs, and no big gamer will complain when they try this chair out. 

If all of the above is not enough, the company throws in a 5-year warranty on parts and foam as well as a 10-year warranty on the base. They made the chair durable enough to last long so the hefty price tag wouldn’t be discouraging. 


  • Strong base; maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • 180 degrees tilt 
  • High-density foam padding 
  • Highest chair on the list
  • A long warranty on parts and base


  • Pricey
  • Average width

Our take

It might not be the widest option out there, but the AKRacing sure is the highest and one of the most comfortable. The company puts extra care into manufacturing the frame, base, and padding to make a chair that is sure to last long. It’s a high-end chair, which makes it quite pricey, so if you can afford it, you should definitely go for it.

2. Killabee Big And Tall High-Back Massage – Runner Up

If you’re looking for the widest chair without breaking the bank, The Killabee Big and Tall is the one for you. This chair is the widest on the list, with a width of 27.6 inches! Add to it the height of 49.6 inches, and you’ve got the dream of every big gamer. 

Its width and height are not all the comfort features of this chair, though. The Killabee comes with a retractable footrest. You get to rest your back and your legs, which is great for long hours of sitting because you don’t want your legs to be stuck in one position all the time. 

That’s not all, there is an electric massager integrated into the chair. This is absolute luxury and at the very affordable price of under $200!. Imagine having a chair whose headrest, armrests, cushion, and footrest you can adjust, all while being able to get a massage to ease the pain of sitting for hours.

Like the Fantasylab chair, though, it can only recline to 155 degrees. 180 degrees would have been much better in this regard, given all of the amazing specs this chair has.


  • Very wide
  • Electric massager
  • Retractable footrest


  • Maximum tilt of 155 degrees 

Our take

For a budget of under $200, we see this chair as an absolute win. You get a footrest and an electric massager for a very reasonable price, if you can sacrifice the 180 degrees tilt, of course. 

3. Anda Seat Big And Tall – Premium Choice

So far, we’ve discussed a budget example and a medium-range example, but if you’re into premium models, we’ve got one for you. Check out the Anda Seat with its massive price tag of above the $500 mark! It’s the most expensive chair on the list, and it’s got some pretty cool features for that amount of money. 

First of all, this is the second-highest chair on the list at a whopping 54.8 inches! It doesn’t matter how tall you are, your neck will never miss the armrest on this one. It may not be the widest, but its width is adequate at 22.83 inches, making it quite comfy for larger frames. 

This chair supports a maximum of 400 pounds with the heavy-duty steel frame it’s made of. Also, it’s built to last long, and it shows because the company provides six full years of warranty on parts. 

They also have a tutorial on Youtube for assembly called “How to assemble an Anda Seat Gaming Chair.” The company’s aim here was to make a chair that will live long so you’d get the most value out of this big price tag. 

One of the coolest features it has is that you can adjust everything on it. The armrests can be lifted up or let down, you can push them to both sides, and even backwards and forwards. The manufacturers know not everyone gets comfortable the same way, so they made sure they cater to all tastes.


  • Very high
  • 400 pounds maximum weight 
  • 6-year warranty 
  • Youtube tutorial


  • Average width
  • Expensive

Our take

Big gamers will love this chair with its exceptional height and its fantastic maximum weight capacity. The long warranty period adds a great value as it guarantees longevity. It’s a little pricey since it’s on the premium end, but if that’s okay with you, you’ll definitely love this chair. 

4. FANTASYLAB Big And Tall – Highest Max Weight Capacity

When I first heard of this chair, I knew I had to try it and it was totally worth it. With a price below the $300 mark, you wouldn’t think that it would have the qualities of high-end chairs. But when you look at these specs, you’ll definitely change your mind. 

First of all, it’s a tall chair. Its height is 53.5 inches, making it almost as high as the Anda Seat. When you try the chair, you instantly see that it’s comfortably wide thanks to its 25.6 inches of width, making it perfect for gamers with a bigger stature. 

If you think it wouldn’t compare to the Anda Seat when it comes to maximum load, think again because it surpasses it by handling weights up to 440 pounds. Not to mention, this chair is powerful and can withstand a lot of pressure. 

Speaking of pressure, you can actually adjust the back pressure on the chair to best fit your needs. You can also adjust the armrests in multiple ways, and you can even turn them around! This chair speaks comfort on so many levels, which is important for avid gamers spending long hours in front of the computer. 

Like the Anda Seat, you also get a Youtube tutorial for installing the chair. It’s called “8212 FANTASYLAB Gaming Chair Assembly Instruction Video“. We can’t describe how cool this is for the company to provide an installation tutorial on Youtube to make it easier for customers, especially those buying a gaming chair for the first time. 

The lower price does come with a catch, though. While many chairs can recline fully up to 180 degrees, this one unfortunately only reaches 155 degrees. That’s fine for a lot of people, but for many others having the ability to fully recline is better, especially when you’re paying around $250. 

Another thing is that it has only a 1-year warranty. That’s pretty good for a gaming chair, but for one comparable with the premium option on this list we’d hoped to see a longer warranty period. 


  • Sturdy; maximum weight of 440 pounds
  • Adjustable back pressure and armrests 
  • High specs for a relatively low price


  • Maximum tilt of 155 degrees
  • Only 1 year of warranty

Our take

Aside from the 155 degrees maximum tilt, we have nothing against this chair. Its price isn’t high compared to all the specs you get, especially if you’re a bigger guy. It would have been better to see a longer warranty, but with the right use, this chair will last you long regardless. 

5. Homall High-Back Racing Chair – Budget Option

Finding an option that won’t break the bank is essential to a lot of people, but gaming chairs can be quite expensive. Yet, the Homall High-Back Racing Chair is a great example for an option that gives you the best of both worlds. The “High-Back” on the name is there for a reason as its height is 47.8 inches, perfect for tall guys to be able to use the neck-rest.

As a lighter guy, sitting on this chair felt like sitting on air because of the steel framing. 1.88 inches of steel run inside the body to support weights up to 300 pounds. 

Moreover, the chair comes with a class 3 gas lift for the hydraulic press to enable it to be lifted up and down. It’s not the best out there since it’s not class 4, but it gets the job done pretty well. It might not have the highest weight capacity on the list, but it definitely gives you great value for money considering its low price at less than $150.

The chair is padded with shaping foam covered with PU leather which makes the chair especially comfortable for long hours of game time, though the PU leather is not the most breathable option, so you might need air conditioning in the room when using the chair for extended periods of time. 

Now, though the chair is a fit for taller gamers, those with a wider frame might find some difficulties when it comes to the length and width of the chair, coming at 19.8 x 20.5 inches. It’s not the best option regarding the length and width, but it compensates for that with 180-degree reclination and 360-degree swivel on its wheels, which should allow you to adjust the chair based on your comfort, giving you maximum comfort at a low price.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent height
  • Steel frame and shaping foam


  • Average width
  • Class 3 gas lift, not class 4
  • PU leather isn’t the most breathable

Our take

With this chair, you get a great value for money considering the exceptionally low price. It’s not the widest for bigger gamers, but it sure is high enough for taller ones. The amount of physical support it offers makes it a great chair to buy if you’re on a tight budget.

6. Ficmax High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Customer Service

We mentioned shaping foam or memory foam with the first chair, and this one comes with 4.8-inch thick memory foam. Its dense padding makes it feel as comfortable as it looks! It’s excellent for bigger gamers who struggle to find comforting seats. 

With this chair, you get the class 4 gas lift we talked about before. Simply the best when it comes to hydraulics on chairs. Add to this the 24/7 customer service and the 1-month free return; this chair is all about your comfort and satisfaction. 

It also accommodates up to 300 pounds thanks to the steel framing, but the 12.6-inch width isn’t very promising, to say the least. It’s the narrowest of all the chairs on this list, which does not go well with larger gamers. 

It is the longest chair on the list, though not the highest, despite having “high back” in the name.. It does compensate for that with the retractable footrest it’s distinguished for, so you change your legs position easily along with this big seat cushion to allow for maximum comfort with long hours of gaming. At the medium range price of around $200, it’s definitely decent and won’t break the bank. 


  • Class 4 gas lift
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 1-month return policy
  • Thick memory foam
  • Retractable footrest


  • Not wide enough 
  • Not high enough 

Our Take

The Ficmax is a medium-range chair with cool features like retractable footrest, class 4 hydraulic lift, and dense memory foam. However, it’s not the widest out there, so it might not cater to all big gamers, but it definitely adds a lot of thought into comfort and satisfaction.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

Whether you’re buying your first gaming chair or upgrading to a new one,  you should take some things into consideration to get the perfect chair for you. Big guys can face some difficulties when looking for a comfortable chair, so here is our guide to make sure you don’t go through that hassle.

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If you’re a big guy, then you should definitely pick a chair that is durable in the long run. You will need something that can withstand heavy loads. A steel frame and a strong steel or aluminum base, equipped with a strong gas lift like class 4 or something that is heavy-duty, will allow for 300-400 pounds of maximum weight for years. Also, consider the quality of the foam padding and try to get something with dense padding that is cold cured if it’s in your price range. 


Most gaming chairs have a headrest, a neckrest, a back cushion, armrests, and in some cases, a footrest. The sizes and levels of adjustability of these parts differ from one manufacturer to another. Look for something that allows the most adjustability to allow for the most comfort. 


If you have a bigger frame, then you’ll need something wide and tall enough to accommodate your needs. Tall gamers will run into the problem of missing the headrest, so a high chair will solve that problem. Also, the width of the chair is important because you don’t want your sides to be squished in for hours every day; you need something comfortable. 


Is a Gaming Chair Worth It? 

Considering that gamers usually spend long hours in front of the computer, then yes, a gaming chair is worth it for maximum comfort. You don’t even have to be a gamer. If you work from home and need to sit down for extended periods, then a gaming chair will ease the pains of sitting for hours. 

Does It Have to be Expensive? 

There are a lot of budget options out there that will give you all the comfort you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Yes, compromises are everywhere, so definitely focus on the specs to pick the best one for you. 

Are Gaming Chairs Healthy? 

Gaming chairs are built to fix your posture and allow support for your back and neck. If you sit properly and adjust the cushions and armrests, you’ll find yourself more comfortable and without back pains. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a big or a tall guy, you shouldn’t stress about the comfort of your gaming sessions with this list of the best gaming chairs for big guys. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here’s a quick recap:

If you’re looking for the best chair to get, offering the most comfort for gamers with a wider and a taller frame, our pick would be either the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair or the Killabee Big And Tall High-Back Massage. The former has got the best quality foam padding and a custom made base for heavy loads, all while offering a long warranty. The latter accommodates big guys comfortably and has an electric massager to relax your muscles. 

If you’re into premium models, our pick is  Anda Seat Big And Tall with its long warranty and maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. The cool features with the big price tag gives you bragging rights in the gaming community. 

In the end,  take all the factors we provided in this article into consideration and go get the gaming chair of your dreams. You don’t have to worry about your bigger frame anymore, there is always a chair that fits your every need and you will find it on this list.

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