Best Headset for Streaming – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to streaming, microphones are generally not the most practical option out there, which is why you may want to consider a headset. Since they’re much more comfortable and easier to use, headsets with high-quality mic and audio can truly take streaming to a whole new level.

For example, if we take gaming, a headset with good directional sound will enable you to hear the faint footsteps of your enemy approaching, so you’re never taken by surprise, and this is always a make-it-or-break-it-moment.

Therefore, you want to make sure you’re investing in the right headset, and this guide will help you find the best headset for streaming that accommodates your needs.

Top 4 Headsets for Streaming in 2022 – Our Top Choices (Comparison Table )

ModelConnectivityHeadphones FormWeight (oz)
SteelSeries Arctis ProWirelessOn-Ear24 oz
Mpow EG3 ProWiredOver-Ear12 oz
Runmus K8WiredOver-Ear12 oz
Runmus K2WiredOver-Ear16 oz

The 4 Best Headsets for Streaming in 2022

Here’s our comprehensive list of the best headsets for streaming and why you should buy them. Chances are, you’ll find one that accommodates your needs.

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Best Overall

 SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is here to make all your wireless dreams come true. It allows for lots of connection options: PC, PlayStation 4, and so much more. In case you don’t want to bring your transmitter along, this headset has Bluetooth and wired connectivity as backups that allow you to use your smartphone.

Speaking of transmitters, this one has its own screen to adjust sources, EQ settings, and audio mixing with no need to touch your PC or console. You can control the mic, volume, power, and Bluetooth, thanks to this transmitter’s controls and display. We also can’t forget about its two batteries with a charging compartment.

This wireless headset also brings you the best microphone and audio quality with plenty of detail, low-mid resonance, great bass and clear vocals for music, and optimal real surround sound for gamers. The latter ensures a bigger sounding audio field with a good sense of left-to-right movement.

Build and comfort-wise, the headset’s ear pads are soft and breathable, and the earcups are made of slightly rubberized plastic. As expected with a high-quality headset, the headband is adjustable for comfort; therefore, it’s suitable for large heads over extended periods too.

It’s difficult to be critical of this device, but if we were to say anything, it’d be that there isn’t any colored lighting, which is honestly pretty trivial. And, of course, this top-notch quality dictates a hefty price tag, but the headset more than deserves it.

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  • Various connectivity options for a wireless set
  • Handy transmitter with display and controls
  • Excellent mic and audio quality
  • Comfortable for extended use


  • Very pricey
  • No colored lighting

Final Verdict

The SteelSeries Arctis is, no doubt, our favorite wireless headset for streaming. It excels on all grounds, whether control and customization, audio quality, microphone quality, or connectivity options.

2. Mpow EG3 Pro – Budget Pick

Mpow EG3

For a more affordable headset than the SteelSeries one, the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset is so cheap it’s actually ridiculous. It’s only under $30, which explains why we had to make it our budget pick, and as you’ll see shortly, it offers surprisingly good quality for its uncanny price range.

This headset’s comfort is very satisfactory. In fact, the headset doesn’t hug your ears too tightly at all, as the big ear cups give you plenty of room. The padding is very comfy as well, but of course, we can’t talk about comfort without talking about the build.

The combination of low weight and thick, soft padding gives this headset excellent build quality. It’s trimmed in a leatheresque material, more comfortable than fabric. For those of you who intend on using the headset for long streaming sessions (so all of you), this is a strong contender, as it doesn’t get you heated overtime.

Moving on to the non-detachable microphone, it’s of good quality, mostly due to its ability to filter out almost all background noises and conversations as long as they’re 15′ away. You want that because your viewers are there to hear what you have to say, after all.

We also like how user-friendly this wired headset is; it allows for easy volume alterations using its inline controls. For gaming, it works with PC and console over 3.5 Jack. In the fashion department, the Mpow EG3 Pro is doing well for itself too. It has this clean, stylish all-black look with gamer-friendly LED lights, and it’s working for us.

The sound quality is crisp and surprisingly good too. Albeit, it doesn’t have fancy surround sound, but that’s expected in a budget headset. Players have misjudged where a gunshot or vehicle sound was coming from more times than we’d like. 

Team members’ voices were comprehensible but not exactly top-notch or very realistic, and the same goes for music too, and your voice may sound somewhat artificial as well.

In terms of sound isolation, this headset reduces noise by about 10% to 15%, which tends to happen when ear cups fit the way they do here. The suspended headset hangs lightly over your head, making the ear cups bend a little on the bottom, as with most less-fitted headsets.


  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable with excellent build quality
  • Good at muting background sounds
  • User-friendly
  • Stylish all-black look


  • No fancy surround sound
  • User voice may sound artificial
  • Not the best sound isolation

Final Verdict

Overall, the Mpow EG3 is comfortable with impeccable build quality, user-friendly, and isn’t cheap looking in the slightest. It has a good quality mic too, so there’s little reason why you shouldn’t consider it as an option for a more affordable headset.

3. Runmus K8 – Best for Long Streams

 Runmus K8 Gaming Headset

When it comes to long streams, the Runmus K8 Gaming Headset is our go-to, and that’s because of the comfort it provides. The bionic protein cushion covers your ears gently for a comfortable fit, and the soft memory earmuffs are made to prevent overheating – useful when you’re wearing the headset for hours.

What further elevates this headset’s comfort is the self-adjusting padded headband. That’s achievable by merely adjusting the headband to fit the size of your head comfortably while not compromising its durability. And it’s comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about hitting your head and holding in a scream.

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Not only is this headset comfortable, but it’s also ergonomic. It weighs 12 ounces, and for all these reasons, we find it to be the perfect headset for streaming long hours.

However, the key feature that has indeed won us over is the true surround sound that simulates an immersive play experience for gamers. This is evident in how highly responsive the integrated drivers are and how you can detect where the sounds are coming from when on multiple player mode.

In continuation, the audio quality is just overall astounding. Thanks to the brand exclusive A2DP/AVRCP audio processing system, you don’t have to deal with voice distortion, whether that’s echo or noise. And the premium chip is built-in for stereo sound and bass.

As for mic quality, the microphone makes it so that your voice doesn’t blend with the headset audio, and it’s adjustable and flexible, so you can move it to make your voice quality instantly better. The cord features a controller for easy audio control and a mute button for the mic, with the audio jack and USB facilitating device control for user satisfaction.

Unlike most headsets, the cord is braided to last you longer than a typical cord would. It’s 7.22 feet long, so you get a nice range of motion, but it’s perhaps too long that you might need to rearrange the cord positioning several times with console gaming.


  • Comfortable for long streams
  • Ergonomic
  • Astounding audio quality
  • Noise-canceling


  • Cord may be too long

Final Verdict

The mix of comfort and lightweight that you get with the Runmus K8 Gaming Headset makes it our choice for long streaming hours. Add impressive audio quality and good noise canceling to that, and you’ve got a solid quality headset.

4. Runmus K2 – Best Value

Runmus K2

With its top-notch audio, the Runmus K2 Red Gaming Headset brings you the best value for the lowest prices – as Runmus always does. The audio is excellent for low and medium volume, but understandably not as good for the highest volume, and the bass sound is great as well.

The microphone quality didn’t disappoint either. Since the mic is flexible, you can position it as close to your mouth as you want, giving you an excellent horizontal and vertical range of motion.

This headset may be bulky, but it looks really cool with RGB red lights and its distinct design. Furthermore, It’s available in black and red or blue and black options.

Despite its bulkiness, the Runmus K2 is both lightweight, comfortable, and durable due to its material; it uses plastic on the top and plethora on the inside, which feels soft and squishy against your head. 

It also helps that the headband can be adjusted just by pulling it down. Additionally, the earcups slide up and down to fit your head. And the braided cord betters the wired headset’s durability.

We have to mention that the headband may be loose around the head, though, which risks its sliding or completely falling off if you make sudden movements.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Good audio and mic quality
  • RGB lights
  • Satisfactory comfort and durability


  • May be loose and shaky

Final Verdict

The Runmus K2 Gaming Headset doesn’t drain your pocket to deliver high-quality in terms of mic, audio, comfort, weight, and durability.

What to Look for When Buying a Headset for Streaming

There are a few things you need to consider when buying headsets for streaming. We’ll walk you through them from the essential features to the less pressing ones.

Sound Quality

What distinguishes headsets from regular speakers is, at the end of the day, surround sound. When gaming, good positional audio means you’ll be able to sense danger from a mile, which gives you an advantage over your enemies.

Speaking of surround sound, it has two different types: virtual and true surround. Virtual surround relies on software optimization to simulate real spacious audio, and the various proprietary standards for it include but aren’t limited to: Creative, Dobby, and DTX.

In contrast, using true surround can make the audio from different positions accessible to you, which grants you that fully immersive setup experience. Nevertheless, some games don’t support surround audio so keep that in mind before embarking on a purchase.

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Microphone Quality

Along with sound quality, these two features are the most prevalent. If you intend on using your headset’s microphone as your main mic, this ensures high-quality sound in your live streams. You need to be able to maneuver the mic freely to get the best sound quality out of it because how you adjust your mic can make a significant difference.

Another aspect that we’d like to draw your attention towards is control and customization. If you’re only starting out, you may not feel the need to adjust any of the controls, but as you move forward, software that supports customization will become more of a pressing need.


Many variables play into a headset’s comfort. And even though we feel a little silly mentioning it, your head size matters. Yes, a headset that’s too tight might give you a headache, especially during long streaming sessions.

At the same time, this is one feature that heavily depends on personal preference. Are you someone who prefers a more snug fit, or do you like a headset that’s slightly looser?

If the cables got all twisted (as cables do), would that be a dealbreaker for you? If so, maybe a wireless headset would be a worthwhile decision.


In most cases, you’ll find that headsets do deliver when it comes to both build and comfort, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. With the build, we’re talking about the material of your headset. This can really up your headset’s comfort or make it drop.

Build material is even more relevant for vegans, as you’ll need a synthetic made headset rather than a leather one. In addition, metal or aluminum vs. plastic is another issue that comes down to your preference. Aluminum may be your go-to, but plastic is durable as well.

Noise Isolation

Because headsets with good audio simply can’t give you that immersive experience if you keep hearing background noises. In other words, surround audio is useless with low noise isolation.

One aspect that contributes to noise isolation is the headphone’s seal. How well the ear cups fit your ear is a determining factor. Again, it’s also very much based on personal preference.

Look & Aesthetics

After all, a headset that has you looking fine on the camera has got to count for something, right? Though it may seem trivial, and to some it’s, looks do matter when you’re streaming your videos for the world to see.

If the headset has some color to it, make sure it doesn’t clash with any color streaks on your mouse or keyboard. This contributes to your stream’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Are Headset Mics Good for Streaming?

For long gaming/streaming sessions, headsets are just much more comfortable and easier to use, whereas dedicated mics require space to set them up. Besides, with console streaming, you’re limited to headset mics for the most part, so just make sure you pick a headset with good mic quality.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve landed on a headset that suits your usage and budget, but in case you haven’t, we’re here to recap one more time.

Of course, we’d recommend The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset, our best headset for streaming overall. Its connectivity, sound quality, and comfort value make it so. But in case this is above your price range, you can opt for any of our selected headsets in this guide.

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