How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends

Along with the pure excitement that League of Legends generously gives us, utter confusion also makes a way in sometimes. It’s challenging to get a detailed explanation of everything going on in the game, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s why we’re here to help!

We’ll tell you all about how to get gemstones in League of Legends. You only have to read on!

According to the game’s rules, you can acquire gemstones through a few methods. And while not all of them guarantee that you’ll get the stones, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

HexTech Chests

To get gemstones, the most approachable method you can try is the HexTech chests. They’re pretty easy to acquire; you or any player on your team have to get an S- or above rating after finishing your game. Unfortunately, while getting those chests is relatively easy, we can’t say the same for HexTech keys, which are required to unlock the chests.

To win HexTech keys, you have to play a matchmade game. They’re known to appear frequently during games you play with your friends. Unlocking the HexTech chests won’t only give you gemstones; you can also win essence, shards, and permanents. However, unfortunately, your chances of getting a gem through a chest are only about 0.4%.

Masterwork Chests

Masterwork chests are the elite version of the basic HexTech chests, and they give you more rewards. If you love yourself a special prize every once in a while, you’ll need premium drops. Masterwork chests will provide you with those drops with higher chances to get gemstones than regular chests.

The catch here is that you can only acquire a Masterwork chest if you use your Riot points to buy it from the game’s store. But don’t worry! Your points won’t go in vain. You’ll have a higher chance of 4% to get gemstones through the premium chest, and you’ll also get bad luck protection.

Jumping Levels

If you haven’t had much luck with Hextech and Masterwork chests, you can opt for leveling up instead. Going to higher levels is one of the most basic ways to get gemstones, and it’s somewhat guaranteed. However, since Riot Games doesn’t want us to have it easy, you can only acquire them after reaching Summoner Level 150. We know it’s hard, but it’s still possible.

After that level, you’ll get a gemstone every time you pass 50 levels. Considering this, you can increase your chances of getting gems by purchasing XP Boosts from the store. But, of course, if you don’t want to spend your money on those boosts, you can play the game continuously to pass levels quicker than before.


Don’t we all love events? They come every once in a while holding the most unique gifts for us, and you can rest assured that they come every month. Not all events are like each other when it comes to mechanics, but they all have one thing in common: using Event Tokens. Event Tokens are a special currency that you can use to purchase different items.

For instance, you can buy event loot boxes. Those have varying chances of giving you gemstones, which is definitely better than nothing. In addition, every once in a blue moon, an event allows you to purchase gems using your Event Tokens without succumbing to lucky chancing.

The Essence Emporium

The Essence emporium sounds magical, and it sure comes carrying a bit of magic every year. Since it was introduced three years ago, it has become a favorite for most gamers. This is mainly because it allows many items to be on sale so you can purchase them using Blue Essence. However, some things can only be bought on the Essence Emporium, like Urfwick.

As for gemstones, you can acquire them as bonus objects after spending 50,000 BE, 75,000 BE, or 150,000 BE on icons. This means that you can get three gemstones during every Essence Emporium.

What Do Gemstones Buy?

Since gemstones are the rarest currency in League of Legends, they give you access to special rewards that are typically unattainable. Here’s a brief about some artifacts that you can buy using your gemstones.

HexTech Skins

The HexTech Crafting system is your only hope when it comes to HexTech skins. To purchase those great skins, you need a total of ten gemstones or a bit of four-leaf clover luck when opening HexTech and Masterwork chests.

Event Skins

During some events, you’ll be able to use your gemstones to buy event and Legacy skins. For example, during the Lunar Revel event that took place in 2018, gamers could purchase a Lunar Revel skin using either one Lunar Revel Token or five gemstones.

Masterwork Keys and Chests

While most gamers won’t sacrifice their gemstones for Masterwork keys and chests, you still have the option to do so. This is a reasonably good chance if you’ve already bought all the Hextech Skins, but you still haven’t unlocked some skin shards.

However, our advice to you is to keep your gemstones in place till the next event. This is mainly because some events only let you unlock rewards through spending gemstones, and some prizes are just too cool to pass up!

To Wrap Up

League of Legends is full of exciting moments and magical events, but it also has a generous share of complex challenges, one of the most famous being getting gemstones.

Luckily, we’re here to help! There are five methods to acquire gemstones: HexTech and Masterwork chests, leveling up, special events, and the Essence Emporium. But beware because none of them give you a 100% chance of getting a gemstone.

Now that you know how you can get gemstones in League of Legends, you can have a remarkable gaming experience!

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