How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

When you play League of Legends, you know that runes turn the tide in your favor by presenting you with numerous bonuses as the game develops.

If you want to make the short champion selection process go faster, you can use extra runes pages to acquire a broader range of bonuses without altering them. So, we’ll provide you with a rune page list, explain how to gain additional rune pages, and discuss your best alternatives and practices for using runes in League of Legends in this article.

The Five Rune Pages in LoL

The Five Rune Pages in LoL

These runes come in three tiers and provide various effects ranging from gold/10 to crit chance. Tier 1 is available right away. Then, tier 2 is available at level 10, and Tier 3 is available at level 20.

It’s worth noting that you don’t obtain all of the rune slots until you reach peak level 30. Moreover, a single rune has a slight effect, but a complete page can improve a great hero and empower a poor hero.

When you initially begin playing League of Legends, you are given five rune pages that you can’t modify. This method allows you to quickly select a champion and a rune page for your desired role. The five rune pages are listed below:

  • Inspiration: This rune page is for rule bending and creative tools, hence concerned with the generation of gold and the creation of unique tools and objects. It’s mostly used to acquire an edge over your opponent in a less predictable manner.
  • Precision: As for improved basic attacks and sustained damage, this rune page is ideal for shooters, sustained damage dealers, and bruisers.
  • Domination: This rune page is best for assassins and champions, as it prioritizes burst damage and easier target access. Also, burst damage and visual control are the main goals.
  • Resolve: This rune is geared towards durability and crowd control. And the benefits they provide are mostly in resistance, health, crowd control, and healing. Moreover, tanks and champions with a lot of CC should use this.
  • Sorcery: The run page for empowered abilities and resource manipulation (Mana, Energy) is ideal for AP champions and champions who use many mana or energy. It focuses on mana, movement speed, cooldown reduction, and ability damage and usefulness.

Even expert players use these five rune pages, so they’re ideal if you’re just getting started. However, if you want to design rune pages for certain champions who fit different roles, you’ll have to make them yourself. So, it would help if you generated as many free rune pages as possible. If you aren’t sure which runes are optimal for your champion, consult a rune expert.

To begin making your first ever rune page, you must first level up to level 11. You are, however, limited to the keystone rune. And you’ll be able to alter the primary path after you reach level 13. Then, when you get to level 15, you’ll change the secondary path, which will allow you to customize the entire rune page.

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How Can You Obtain More Rune Pages?

In ideal circumstances, the majority of League of Legends players begin with three rune pages. This is in addition to the five locked pages. Unfortunately, you can’t edit the rune pages if you’re a new player. Only the summoner level 10 unlocks the three rune pages you receive. But if you want to gain extra rune pages, you can use the advice provided below.

Individual Rune Pages

You can purchase individual rune pages with Blue Essence (BE), which is advantageous if you’re a free-to-play player who lacks the financial means or doesn’t enjoy spending money on the game.

To illustrate, a single rune page will set you back 6300 BE or 590 RP, which is a decent sum. However, the benefit of purchasing it is that you may buy a limited amount, which is very useful if you have a tiny champion pool.

Bundle Rune Page

The rune bundle costs around 2600 RP and contains seven rune pages. Therefore, when compared to individual rune pages, you can get seven rune bundles for the price of five single rune pages.

Of course, this is a disadvantage for players who don’t intend to purchase rune pages, but this is a reasonable price compared to the cost of a single rune page. And there’s no harm in buying this rune bundle if you have a better champion pool and some RP in your account.

Importance of Runes in League of Legends

Importance Of Runes In League Of Legends

As previously stated, runes are a vital element of your strategic planning, giving you an advantage in either prepping your champion for the matchup or simply playing it to its strengths.

Moreover, runes allow a champion to play in a variety of ways, significantly increasing its potential. So, every champion becomes more dangerous and a bigger threat in-game if they learn how to create their runes correctly.

One of the most common novice mistakes that prevent individuals from reaching higher ELO or rank brackets is that they employ the same rune setup for almost every champion in a given class.

For example, Ashe and Vayne have identical rune setups, but a few minor differences between them provide a lot of QoL and power output. We can also compare Tyndamere and Irelia in a more extreme scenario.

And after a player has learned the right rune picks for each champion they play, we must discuss convenience and quality of life. The last thing you want to do is neglect to set the appropriate runes and throw a game, especially once you reach Platinum or above. To no one’s surprise, it’s still a pretty prevalent error in that ELO.

If you pre-set your rune pages, the only changes you’ll need to make are a couple of situational tweaks in response to a counter-pick or a particular lane matchup. It’ll make your dating life a lot easier.

Additionally, aside from champion nerfs and buffs, runes have seen many nerfs and buffs in the game’s patch notes, indicating that runes have become an essential feature for developers to keep an eye on.

While keystones have come and gone since the runes reforged the patch, many of the original runes have survived today. And knowing which runes correspond to which champion on each patch will give you a better chance of winning in-game.

And you can update your runes during champ pick pages if you have at least one paid rune page from the league of legends store. This feature is perhaps the most significant in the runes reforged system.

Accordingly, your pages aren’t entirely complete, and having fewer pages has no effect on your champions’ abilities. But learning how to use all of the rune combinations can help you improve your game.

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What Is the Maximum Number of Rune Pages?

You can only have a total of 25 rune pages for yourself. However, this doesn’t include the five current pages that you are given at the start of the game. So, this brings the overall number to 30.

And these 30 rune pages are more than enough, as most players only use 4 to 10 pages on average. Additionally, a high-level player might require one. However, if you want to buy many rune pages, you’ll need to save a lot of RP or BE.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, League of Legends is a powerful and fantastic game, and rune pages give you access to a high level of performance excellence. So, you can level up till you unlock more rune pages, or you can purchase individual rune pages or a bundle to take your game to the next level.

And although having a rune page might be beneficial, you should also concentrate on using the proper runes to boost the champions you utilize. So, we’d recommend that you have a good stock of BE or RP to choose runes or rune pages based on your specific needs.

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