League of Legends Clubs (Everything You Need To Know)

Are you a League of Legends (LOL) player looking for a platform where you can interact with other players? Then the LOL clubs feature is just for you. Clubs are a social feature on League of Legends that allows you to socialize with up to 50 other players. 

You don’t need any special requirements to create or join a club, and it comes at no cost. In this post, we’ll look at the various club rules and how to create, join, or leave one.

Club Roles

In every League of Legends club, you’ll find three main roles. 

Club Owner

The club owner refers to the creator. As a club owner, you can transfer your role to another person and  add and remove members.

Club Officers

Club officers can also add and remove members. They’re also responsible for sending messages to remind members of important information from the club owner.

Club Members

Club members can send invitations to other players to join, but the invitations need to be approved by the club owner or officer.

Creating a League of Legends Club

Creating Clubs

Creating a club on League of Legends is as easy as pie. First, go to your Summoner profile and open “My Clubs” on the Clubs page. Next, select “Start a Club” and become the owner of your club. 

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Joining a League of Legend Club

With League of Legends, you can’t join a club unless you receive an invitation from a club member. So the easiest way to join one is to ask a member of the club to invite you. 

Leaving a League of Legend Club

leaving clubs

If you want to leave your club, go to the “Clubs” page in your Summoner profile. You’ll see an ellipsis – click on it and select your name. Then, from the drag-down menu that appears, click on “Leave Club”.

Final Words 

You can play League of Legends without joining a club. However, being part of one comes with benefits. For one, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded people and share ideas to improve your gaming experience. Plus, it takes only a few steps to get started. 

It’s worth noting that the developers have announced plans to shut down the club feature in the future, but we’re still pending confirmation!

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