Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

While most gamers focus on buying top-of-the-line gaming monitors or mouse/keyboard combos, they often forget that a gaming chair is also an essential part of a gaming rig. 

Having a comfortable gaming chair gives you the ability to play whatever you want for as many hours as you’d like. Besides, it’s one of the key factors that either makes you feel immersed in the game or totally ruins your gaming experience. 

And since you’re here, we assume you’re searching for the best gaming chair on the market, and we couldn’t help but provide you with a detailed review of the fantastic Respawn 110 gaming chair. 

At a Glance:

Respawn 110 is a sturdy gaming chair featuring a racing design that puts you right into the spirit of the game you’re playing. It’s also the one for people who enjoy gaming marathons because it’s comfortable to sit in for hours, thanks to its ergonomic design and 4D adjustability. 

However, it needs regular cleaning because it’s not that breathable, and the sweat might leave some stains if not cleaned right away.  


  • Comfortable 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • 4D adjustability 
  • Padded armrests 
  • Extendable and retractable footrest 
  • Lumbar pillows
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Unisex design 
  • Sturdy wheels 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • Strong leather smell 
  • Needs regular cleaning  
  • Not breathable 
  • The armrest works itself loose after some time 

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair In-Depth Review

1. Build Quality 

Respawn 110 is made of bonded leather, which is another word for vinyl leather: the best substitute for real leather. Bonded leather combines real leather with faux leather to offer excellent durability while maintaining cost-effectiveness. 

However, the primary downside of bonded leather is its potent odor. After a while, however, the smell tends to dissipate, especially with regular cleaning.  

Note that bonded leather requires regular cleaning, or else it’ll look ugly due to sweat stains. If you sweat a lot, be sure to use a damp piece of cloth to remove any stains on the chair before they stick. It would also be great if you applied a leather conditioner on the chair every three months. 

2. Design 

Nothing beats that incredible feeling of being totally immersed in the game, forgetting all about your real life for some time. For this reason, you’ll be happy to sit on the Respawn 110 gaming chair. 

This chair’s racing design gives its user a strong feeling of being totally immersed. It allows gamers to believe that they’re really inside the game and thus able to defeat their enemies and get through all levels. Simultaneously, you can use the chair for your work office since it looks pretty professional. 

Moreover, it comes in various colors, so you can choose the one that is most suitable for your room or other gaming items. The colors include black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, red, and white. It’s worth mentioning that all of these color options are combined with black, except for the pink one, which is combined with white. 


This is the area where Respawn 110 gaming chair takes the crown. The chair is all about providing comfort, thanks to its padding and great adjustability. 

It features segmented pads that ensure excellent support regardless of how many hours you spend sitting on the chair. So, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t feel tired and your body won’t feel numb even if you sit for ten hours straight during a gaming marathon. 

4. Adjustability 

Another reason why the Respawn 110 gaming chair is very comfortable is attributed to its adjustability. There’s probably nothing you can’t adjust on this chair. 

To illustrate, this chair has what’s known as 4D adjustability, unlike chairs with 2D or 3D adjustability, which allows the chair to move up and down as well as in and out, respectively, plus the ability to turn. 

What’s more, 4D adjustability enables you to experiment with several angles, so if you feel tired in the middle of the game, you won’t need to stop playing. Instead, you’ll just have to try setting the chair at different angles until you find the ones that are most comfortable for you. 

Further, you can recline the chair between 90 and 130 degrees with numerous locking positions. And the padded armrest will recline with the chair, giving you extra comfort.

Besides, you can turn 360 degrees while on this chair, which increases your moving dynamics. Plus, the Respawn 110 gaming chair comes with a footrest that you can extend and retract, so your legs stay comfortable all the time. 

There’s also detachable lumbar support and headrest that are super easy to adjust. This way, your head and back will always have the support they need while you play or work all day long. 

All of the above is great news for gamers who suffer from back pain or shoulder problems because they can play for hours on end without feeling any pain at all! Besides, this makes the chair suitable for office use and for people who work for many hours on end. 

5. Lock-Tilt Mechanism

The lock-tilt mechanism is one of the reasons this chair is suitable for gaming and working. It allows you to sit in an upright position when you want to use the mouse for the keyboard, for example. 

The good thing is it also allows its users to go into an inclined position whenever they need to in a blink of an eye without requiring that they stand up and do it manually, saving their time and effort. 

6. Weight Capacity 

This chair is best suited for slim adults, as it tolerates up to 275 pounds only, and comes with a seat that measures 21 x 21.5 inches (width x depth). 

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7. Portability

The chair weighs 51.81 pounds, which is relatively lightweight, so you can move it around with ease. It goes without mentioning that it stands on five sturdy wheels, so you won’t even need to lift it. 

8. Wheels 

Speaking of wheels, this chair’s wheels are not just durable, but they allow for and endure swift and sudden movements because we all know how gamers react with their games! 

Users’ Reviews on Amazon

The vast majority of the reviews recommend the Respawn 110 gaming chair for its comfort, adjustability, and durability. Most users say that the chair is very comfortable to sit on for a whole day. 

They also found it easy to assemble. And even after using the chair for three months, it still felt durable and solid. Moreover, it comes at a cheap price compared to its marvelous features. 

On the other hand, most people who had some complaints claim that the chair isn’t breathable, so you’ll probably sweat if you spend a lot of time using it. Thus, you’ll have to clean it regularly to keep it as good as new. 

Besides, some complain that the armrest works itself loose even if you tie the bolts carefully, which makes you unable to place your arms on it while gaming. 

Also, the lever that serves to lower the chair is placed right in front of the one that adjusts the angle, which means that you might use the wrong one and slam to the lowest position instead of leaning back or vice versa. 

Final Thoughts  

If you need a comfortable and affordable gaming chair, Respawn 110 won’t disappoint you. In fact, it might exceed your expectations as it did with most of the people using it. 

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You’ll definitely find it very comfortable for gaming and working since it’s pretty much one of the most adjustable chairs on the market. Further, its padded construction and extendable footrest are to die for! 

What’s more, if you are one of those serious gamers who love to forget all about the real world while playing, Respawn 110 will surely help you reach this peaceful state with its racing design.

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