Best Turtle Beach Headsets – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right gaming headset can give you an edge over your opponents in multiplayer games, especially when it comes to spotting your enemies. Every hardcore gamer should own a pair of headphones; otherwise, they won’t make the best of their gaming experience. 

Turtle Beach comes at the top of the list of the most widely-used headsets partly because of the deluxe products they bring to the market, and mostly because their audio setups are superior to other gaming headphones. 

If you’re looking for a stellar headset, then don’t miss out on our reviews of the best Turtle Beach headsets that you can currently purchase. Also, we made sure to include a dedicated section to talk to you about what the brand offers and how to choose the right model for you. 

At A Glance: top 5 Turtle Beach Headsets – (Comparison Table)

Best Overall
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
  • Connection Type: Wired / Wireless 
  • Driver Size: 50mm 
  • Earpads Material: Athletic fabric, leather & cooling gel-infused memory foam
  • Microphone: Unidirectional 
Best Wireless Headset
Turtle Beach Stealth 600
Turtle Beach Stealth 600
  • Connection Type: Wireless 
  • Driver Size: 50mm 
  • Earpads Material: Mesh fabric with foam cushioning  
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional
Best for PC Gaming
Turtle Beach Atlas One
Turtle Beach Atlas One
  • Connection Type: Wired 
  • Driver Size: 40mm 
  • Earpads Material: Synthetic leather with memory foam cushioning 
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional 
Most Affordable
Turtle Beach Recon 70
Turtle Beach Recon 70
  • Connection Type: Wired 
  • Driver Size: 40mm 
  • Earpads Material: Mesh fabric with foam cushioning  
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional 
Best Quality
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro
  • Connection Type: Wired 
  • Driver Size: 50mm 
  • Earpads Material: Synthetic leather with memory foam cushioning 
  • Microphone: Unidirectional

The 5  Best Turtle Beach Headsets in 2021  

1#. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp – Best Overall 

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The Elite Pro 2 features the same design adopted by Turtle Beach in their Elite series, including the Elite Pro and Elite Atlas. It comes in an aluminum body with two separate headbands attached at both ends. The inner headband is spongy to provide comfort during long gaming sessions, whereas the outer one is metallic to keep the shape of the headset.

The SuperAmp is an implemented hub containing the volume wheel. Its lower part includes multiple connection ports like the mini USB port, the 3.5mm port, and an optical audio output. Moreover, it features a Bluetooth button that enables wireless connectivity. The LED ring in the middle of the volume wheel indicated the volume of the headset. 

Gaming with the Elite Pro 2 is a unique experience, especially when it comes to stereo imaging. This helps the user to accurately distinguish the weapons used by their opponents and where to spot them. Footsteps, battling sounds, and explosions are all clear and distinct even when they’re happening at the same time. 

Moreover, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is compatible with different playing consoles, including PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and various smartphones. This makes it a convenient option for many gamers who switch between various gaming platforms. 

The microphone is detachable, and it offers high levels of clarity. Fuzziness and sibilance are off the list during your in-game chats. Although it’s not a premium microphone for streaming or podcasting, it can be used for such purposes without facing any issues. It remains a matter of personal preference, but you can use a dedicated USB microphone if you’re not satisfied with this mic’s performance. 

The music performance, on the other hand, is fairly balanced, with little to no distortion. However, it can be truly impressive with the low-range frequency offering a powerful bass sound. 


  • Solid and durable construction 
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Comfortable Aero fit, cushioned earcups
  • Features a ProSpecs Glasses Relief system 
  • Supports wireless connectivity 
  • Clear mic with noise cancellation 


  • Iffy app
  • Bulky design 
  • Expensive

Bottom Line 

Despite being one of the expensive options on the market, Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 gives you the edge over other gamers in different FPS games, ideally because of the rich and balanced sound effects in addition to high accuracy. 

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2#. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 – Best Wireless Headset 

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The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 doesn’t feature a flattering design, mainly because it’s almost entirely plastic, but it’s quite impressive when it comes to performance. On the bright side, comfort isn’t impacted by the average construction, and the padded earcups guarantee an easy fit for the headset even for gamers who wear glasses. 

Despite the looks, the headset offers some convenient controls, including different EQ adjustments, volume and mic controls, and Virtual Surround Sound activation. Additionally, tapping the power button activates the “Superhuman Hearing” feature. 

This feature was implemented to distinctively amplify certain sounds like gun reloads, firing sounds, and footsteps. The re-definition of such sounds makes the headset ideal for battle royale games like Fortnite, (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) Call of Duty, and PUBG. 

Moreover, activating the Surround Sounds throws depth and clarity to the mix. Even with different types of games, the headset will stand up to your expectation with a high level of clarity and balanced audio. However, because the primary focus of the sound is on the surround settings, other sounds can seem a little muddled in some games. 

Regarding the microphone, you should expect a solid performance in spite of some echoing here and there. It’s a flip-up, inseparable mic, but it’s clear enough for in-game communication, so chances are, you won’t need to look for an alternative. 

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 was built for gaming without taking into account that some users are also audiophiles. There are some better –yet more expensive- options for such gamers. Nevertheless, this headset is reasonably priced, considering that it’s an exclusive gaming gadget. 


  • Wireless connectivity is more user-friendly 
  • Battery life is up to 15 hours 
  • Supports Virtual Surround Sound 
  • “Superhuman Hearing” is superb for FPS games 
  • The microphone is of high quality 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Poor build and design 
  • Limited connectivity 
  • Not suitable for listening to music 

Bottom Line 

As you may have concluded, the Stealth 600 is a good Turtle Beach headset for Xbox users who lean towards wireless options. If you want to use it with your PC or PS4, you’ll need to buy an external adaptor. Anyhow, it’s a hassle-free experience with the latter platforms. 

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3#. Turtle Beach Atlas One – Best for PC Gaming 

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Next, we’ll be looking at one of the simplest Turtle Beach headsets that come in a plastic build. The Atlas One doesn’t look like the fanciest headset out there, but it certainly doesn’t look cheap thanks to the leather earpads and the smooth matte finish. 

It features the basic volume controls with a couple of volume dials on the back of the left earcup. The microphone is lodged on the same side and comes in a flip-up design that automatically mutes when flipped in the opposite direction. 

The gaming performance is what makes it stand out. Although it doesn’t provide the same quality provided by the Elite Atlas model, the sound effects are phenomenal. Combats and explosions are full and powerful. Also, sounds that are more subtle, like reloading or throwing a grenade, are quite remarkable. 

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Just like the majority of Turtle Beach headsets, the Atlas One still features Surround Sound to optimize your gaming experience. It’s compatible with multiple platforms, including PS4 and Xbox. However, it’s mainly designed for PC gaming, because other models will do a better job with the other gaming consoles. 

Concerning the microphone, it can offer surprisingly good performance considering it comes with a fixed plastic arm. Turtle Beach did an amazing job with the calculations here so that most users find the mic at an appropriate distance from their mouths. You might get a subtle fuzz every now and then; however, it’s never bothersome. 

You probably want to stay away from anything high-key like podcasting, but when it comes to voice chats with your teammates, the Atlas One microphone can absolutely pull it off. 

Last but not least, the headset can provide a decent music performance, yet nothing extraordinary. We noticed some rattling with high frequency, regardless, lows, mids, and the electric bass were all clear and full. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Comfortable foam Earpads 
  • Durable with a metal-reinforced headband 
  • Supports Surround Sound 


  • Mic quality isn’t the best 
  • Average music performance 

Bottom Line

The Turtle Beach Atlas One is a basic headset that will save you some bucks and deliver a standard performance in terms of chatting and music. On the other hand, the price doesn’t reflect its performance when it comes to gaming, and that’s what this headset is all about.   

4#. Turtle Beach Recon 70 – Most Affordable 

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When your eyes first fall on the Recon 70, it won’t seem like a worthy option, but that’s not true. Perhaps the low price reflects on the design a little, and to be honest, it can be a bit snappy. Yet, let’s not deny that this is quite predictable at this price range. 

Having said that, its plastic body makes it a lightweight option with decent clipping action. You will forget about headaches and ear hotness that usually come with stronger construction. Additionally, the headband is adjustable to allow a better fit, although it’d have been nice if the headset featured any notches to help you mark the perfect length. 

With gaming, things start to look up. Pinpointing your enemies and hearing their footsteps is quite accurate, so you’ll be able to strike before they make an attack. The sound effects and firing sounds can be a little over-amplified, but again, you can adjust their intensity from the game settings. 

Jumping to the microphone, there’s nothing to brag about. The sound is clear, but you might hear some echoing when you raise your voice or start shouting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature noise cancellation, so it can be a little disturbing for your squad, and you’ll need to mute it whenever someone is talking in the background. 

Surprisingly, the Recon 70 offers a decent music performance, although it lacks the depth that other music headsets usually offer. Distortion is only an issue with high notes and volumes. 


  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Good gaming performance 
  • Compatible with multiple gaming platforms 


  • Flimsy built 
  • The mic lacks noise cancellation 

Bottom Line 

Occasional gamers who don’t want to break the bank for a headset will find the Turtle Beach Recon 70 a decent option. Meanwhile, it’s not the best choice for hardcore gamers, not because it won’t get the job done, but because they’ll find a lot to pick on. 

5#. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro – Best Quality 

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As mentioned earlier, the Elite models come in a luxurious design that appeals to many users. The Aerofit earpads are made of faux leather to passively block any background noise and get the premium sound quality that hardcore gamers look for. 

Also, it features the popular ProSpecs Glass Relief System to ensure comfort during prolonged gaming sessions for users who wear glasses and struggle with the constant high pressure. There’s hardly any difference between this model and the Elite Pro 2 model we talked about earlier when it comes to the impact of the design on the users. 

The Elite Atlas Pro is a gaming masterpiece with a built-in surround sound that’s compatible with various platforms. It’s at its best when it comes to later imaging. This means that it does a superior job of reflecting whether your opponent is on your right or left. Meanwhile, it doesn’t really help with figuring out whether they’re in front of or behind you. 

Other sounds like engines, blasts, and thunder sounds are quite punchy. They’re not as over-emphasized with the Elite Pro as with cheaper models. There are no rattling sounds, even with the higher volumes. 

Additionally, the headset features TruSpeak technology that serves the clarity of the microphone. It’s an advanced noise-canceling feature to ensure better in-game communication. The Voice amplification is clean with no sibilance whatsoever. 

Listening to music is not per se where the headset stands out, ideally, because it’s designed for gaming. You’ll notice that the sound is a little heavy and muffled, which gives many songs an unnecessary dark shade. 


  • Excellent build 
  • Aerofit Earpads 
  • Features the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System 
  • TruSpeak technology for a clear in-game chat 


  • Bulky
  • A little too pricey 
  • Not suitable for listing to music 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative for the Elite Pro 2, then the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is the way to go. It offers excellent performance and lies halfway between the highly expensive and the cheap Turtle Beach models. 

Why Should You Buy a Turtle Beach Headset? 

Turtle Beach is one of the pioneers when it comes to manufacturing gaming headsets. Their models are admired by many gamers, primarily because they can be used with all the different platforms from Playstation, and Xbox, to Nintendo, PCs, and Macs. Consequently, even if you upgrade your gaming console, you won’t need to look for a new headset. 

Moreover, choosing a Turtle Beach model is always a smart investment, since they’re all designed for gaming, and even the cheapest models can provide an optimal gaming performance. Perhaps you’ll have to make some sacrifices when it comes to the build quality or the music performance, but you’ll never settle for an average gaming experience.

Another thing that makes the brand successful is that they offer a wide range of prices, which guarantees you can find a model that suits you. Some of their headsets are over $200, and others are less than $50! With that being said, it’s clear to see that you’ll always get the desired value for your money. 

How to Choose a Turtle Beach Headset? 

1. Wired vs. Wireless connection 

The dilemma of whether to choose a wired or a wireless headset can be overwhelming. This is why we’ll talk to you about the privileges of each as well as the drawbacks. 

Because the sound quality is the main concern while choosing a headset, many gamers prefer to go with a wired headset. They’re more stable, and you don’t have to worry about a dead battery in the middle of the game. 

Wired headphones still have the upper hand even with the huge improvements that have been made with their wireless counterparts to reduce issues like frequent interference and sound delays. On the other hand, these issues are now as minimal as they’ve ever been, not to mention, wireless headsets are more comfortable to use. 

Moreover, some models feature an excellent battery life that will get you through the day just fine. The most important thing here is to make sure to recharge your battery between your gaming sessions; otherwise, it can be quite a pickle! 

2. Microphone 

Your gaming experience isn’t only affected by the sound quality, not being able to speak to your teammates can drastically impact your tactics like flanking or pushing. 

For this reason, it’s always better to go after the higher quality microphones. You might have noticed that the headsets on our list feature two types of microphones; unidirectional and omnidirectional. Let’s explain the difference between them! 

Unidirectional microphones pick the sound from one direction only, which indicates that they’re less responsive to the sound coming from both sides or behind. Accordingly, they’re better when it comes to eliminating the background noises. 

Meanwhile, the omnidirectional microphones pick up the sound from all around. This makes them more susceptible to background noise. However, these microphones are less affected by the wind noise and plosive sounds when pronouncing some letters like “T, P, and B.”

Moreover, there’s a lesser chance to speak away from the polar pattern while using omnidirectional microphones, because the acoustic ports are found around the entire circumference of the microphone head. 

3. Comfort 

One of the essentials of buying a new headset is to make sure you can tolerate the pressure of the earcups with long gaming sessions. There’s no right or wrong here because it differs from one person to the other. 

However, a model like the Elite Pro 2 features cozy ear cushions with Aero fit and gel-infused memory foam. There’s absolutely no chance anyone will find these earpads uncomfortable. 

On the other side, the mesh fabric that’s used to pad the cheaper models might not feel so good. Regardless, we should mention that this is never a big issue with Turtle Beach headsets because the design of the earcups itself makes them more user-friendly even for those who wear glasses.   

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the best Turtle Beach Headset depends on many factors, including your budget, the duration of your gaming sessions, and how often you game. 

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 offers the best features the brand has brought to the market, whether it’s the design, performance, or mic quality, you name it! 

Alternatively, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas shares many features with the Pro 2 model, but it comes at a more pocket-friendly price. Lastly, the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the least expensive model on our list and it only offers the basic gaming requirements. Which of these sets suits you best? Only you can tell!

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